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Meagan McGregor

Meagan completed her BAppSc (OT) at Western Sydney University and since finishing has been fortunate to work in some of the best Paediatric Therapy practices in Sydney. Meagan is a passionate and versatile therapist with a passion for continuing education and delivering services that are evidence based and of a high calibre. She emphasises relationship, connection and empowering individuals to be able to function and participate at their best. Helping kids to find their internal power and be resourced to take on the world, and helping families to understand the ways they can support their child to thrive drives the ongoing force to continue to better her practice and what she can offer as part of her service delivery. Meagan is LGBTQI+ inclusive and affirmative and is a member of ACON

Meagan's Story

Meagan works to help all individuals have felt feelings of safety, value and connection as the primary budling block of the client/therapist alliance. Meagan is passionate about families having the tools they need to support their children to thrive, this can be through providing education and support and also in the form of home visits for environment set up and equipment recommendations. 


Meagan works with clients from 1 – 18 years, and on request can assess and develop programs and consultation for young adults. Meagan runs a weekly social program for tweens and teens which has run for the past 6 years, she also runs holiday social programs as part of the intensive programs at the GCFC. Meagan contracts to a local school where her roles includes consultation on environment supports for engagement in learning and supporting regulation needs. Her roles also includes education and training to teachers and parents and direct group intervention for students in this setting. She has been involved in training sessions for local preschools and has travelled to regions such as Albury and Mudgee to train teachers and parents at different schools. 


Meagan has continued to maintain her professional development where she has engaged in many training opportunities both locally and internationally. 


Meagan’s post-graduate training includes:

  • Getting Kids in Sync” presented by Genevieve Jereb

  • Building Blocks for Sensory Integration” by Sheila Frick

  • New Treatment Perspectives’ (Colleen Hacker) 

  • How does your engine run: The Alert Program for Self Regulation” by Carla Cay Williams

  • Basic course of DIR®/ Floortime™”

  • Therapressure© Brushing Protocol, having completed “Sensory Defensiveness”, presented by Patricia and Julia Wilbarger

  • Meagan is trained in Therapeutic Listening© under Sheila Frick and Colleen Hacker

  • Focus on Treatment Workshop presented by Sheila Frick

  • M.O.R.E program and Treatment Intensive with Patti Oetter (Oetter & Richter)

  • Clinical Reasoning and treatment planning for Praxis” under Dr Teresa A. May-Benson

  • Sensory Integration: The essentials to understanding the theory, neuroscience and research under Professor Anita Bundy and Professor Shelly Lane

  • Bessell Van Der Kolk’s’ Trauma-informed treatment

  • The Brain that changes itself

  • Meagan travelled to California to attend the annual Profectum conference ‘The Power of Play 2019

  • Exploring and Applying Psycho-Sensory Interventions and Trauma-Informed Practice by Kim Barthel 

  • Sensory Approach to Arousal Regulation and Developmental Trauma, Presented by Sheila Frick

  • A View from the Floor (DIR/Floortime Training) By Beth Osten & Chithra Kathiresan 

  • Current Concepts in Neurodevelopmental Treatment” presented by Lezlie Adler 

  • NDT From Head To Toe” presented by Lezlie Adler and Kate Bain

  • Comprehensive Interpersonal Neurobiology by Dan Siegal (ONLINE)

  • Eating and Feeding Matters by Kim Barthel (ONLINE)

  • Anatomy Trains and Body Reading by Tom Meyers

  • Dynamic Core for Kids (DC4K) by Shelly Mannell and Julie Wiebe (ONLINE)

  • It’s the Little Things That Count: An introduction to Dynamic Core for Kids and Application to Baby Treatment by Shelly Mannell (ONLINE)

  • Every Motor Event is a Sensory Event First by Shelly Mannell (ONLINE)

  • Safe and Sound protocol by Stephen Porges and ILS

  • Vestibular Visual Matters by Kim Barthel

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