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Psychology Services

What Psychology Services may be offered?

The psychology team at the Gabrielle Centre for Children provide evidence-based assessments and interventions to support the healthy development and functioning of children and their families. 


We offer: 


Individual consultations

Individual consultations flow from a comprehensive assessment of the child’s presentation and are based around goals that are meaningful to the child and family. Topics may include:

  • Treatment for a range of childhood emotional disorders including anxiety and depression

  • Development of social skills and emotional regulation in young people

  • Therapeutic support for grief and loss in young people 

  • Communication support for children with disabilities on puberty and sexuality


Therapy services are conducted using developmentally-appropriate, child-friendly techniques. Services may be provided to the child or their parents directly, or comprise of a mixture of child/ parent sessions.​



Our evidence-based, child-friendly assessments explore the nature of a child’s presentation with input from the child, their caregivers, and relevant third-party professionals (eg. teachers, paediatricians). Assessments often include a report with recommendations for next steps for the child. They may include:


  • Behavioural and Emotional Assessments 

We offer a range of assessments to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of emotional and behavioural concerns for children. These include assessments for emotional concerns eg. anxiety and depression, or behavioural concerns eg. Conduct Disorder. 


  • Functional Assessments

Functional Assessments look at the adaptive behaviours of the child and look at the child’s functional skills in communication, learning, social/ emotional skills, self-care, self-management, and mobility.


  • Cognitive Assessments

This assessment involves the administration of tests of intellectual ability. Results can be used to identify intellectual delays, cognitive strengths and weaknesses, and giftedness. Cognitive assessments are available for children aged 2.5 years - 16 years.


  • Academic Achievement Assessments

This assessment involves the administration of standardised academic achievement tests. Results are often used in combination with a cognitive assessment to determine specific learning disorders. 


  • Neurodevelopmental assessments including Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD) and Autism Spectrum Disorder (please see separate tab on our website). 


  • Parenting support and groups - 

Our parenting groups are designed to develop skills, knowledge, and confidence in parents to support their children. Psychologists are trained in administering Positive Parenting Program (Triple P), Cool Kids anxiety program, and Cool Little Kids anxiety program. Please contact our administration team to hear about the current groups that are available. 


Assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorder


This gold-standard, multidisciplinary assessment is conducted with a Speech Pathologist and Educational & Developmental Psychologist. This assessment is in line with the National Guideline for the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders in Australia published in October 2018 by Autism CRC.

It includes:

  • Developmental Interview with the child’s parents [Autism Diagnostic Schedule- Revised (ADI-R)]

  • Autism Spectrum Observation Schedule (ADOS-2) with the child

  • Observation of the child

  • Contact with third-party contacts (eg. teacher)  

  • Comprehensive report and recommendations

  • Feedback session with the family 

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