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Linda Collier

Linda co-founded the Gabrielle Centre for Children in 2011 with her colleague and now dear friend Sarah Turner. Both Linda & Sarah had the same vision to build a centre that attracted experienced and caring therapists who all shared the same vision for working with children.


Linda graduated from The University of Sydney in 2001 in Occupational Therapy. She then went on to complete her Master of Health Science (OT) which was completed in 2006.


Linda is a mum to 3 wonderful children and lives locally in the Blue Mountains. Linda loves to cook, travel, spend time with her family and friends and has a never ending thirst for knowledge.

Linda's Story

During the last 20+ years, Linda has completed several training/treatment courses due to a continued commitment to keep up to date on current practices in Occupational Therapy. Along with attending training courses, Linda has also sponsored several international speakers to share their knowledge with Australian therapists. 

Some of the training Linda has completed to date includes:

  • “Getting Kids In Sync,” by Genevieve Jereb

  • “New Treatment Perspectives” by Colleen Hacker

  • “Building Blocks for Sensory Integration Course” by Sheila Frick

  • “The Alert Program for Self Regulation” by Carla Cay Williams.

  • “Sensory Defensiveness” (Therapressure© Brushing Protocol) by Patricia and Julia Wilbarger

  • Achieved mastery in the “Basic course of DIR®/ Floortime™

  • Therapeutic Listening© by Sheila Frick

  • Advanced Therapeutic Listening© with Sheila Frick

  • NDT/SI and Play” presented by Lezlie Adler

  • Handwriting Without Tears®

  • “Picky Eaters Vs Problem Feeders: The SOS Approach to Feeding” presented by Kay Toomey

  • STEP-SI” Clinical Reasoning presented by Tracy Stackhouse

  • Certified to administer the Southern Californian Sensory Integration Test (SCSIT)

  • “Gravity in Motion” presented by Eileen Richter

  • “King of Swings” presented by Alex Lopiccolo

  • Profectum conference ‘The Power of Play 2019 in California

  • SoListen® trained

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