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Amie Hackett

Amie has a master’s degree in Speech and Language Pathology from the University of Sydney. Amie joined The Gabrielle for Centre in 2020.

Amie's Story

Amie has worked with children of all ages and abilities and has a keen interest in language and literacy development in the early years and beyond.


With a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education, Amie has had over 15 years teaching experience prior to entering the Speech Pathology profession. Amie has worked in  specialist roles to support the diverse needs of children and their teachers within the primary school setting.


Amie has had experience working with children who have:

  • Speech and Language Disorders

  • Literacy difficulties

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

  • Angelman Syndrome

  • Turner Syndrome


Amie is a Certified Practising member of Speech Pathology Australia and is committed to ongoing professional development. Amie has completed the following training:


  • Key Word Sign Workshop – presented by Dr Andy Schmidt

  • Making up Lost Time in Literacy (MULTILIT) – presented by Rachael Wheldall

  • Reading, writing and spelling - presented by David Hornsby.

  • Speech Language Pathology and the Science of reading - presented by Professor Pamela Snow

  • Nuffield Centre Dyspraxia Programme - presented by Pam Williams

  • Foundation course in Orofacial Myology - presented by The Australian Orofacial Myology Collaboration

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