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The Alison Lawson Centre Team

The GCFC currently consists of the following highly skilled and experienced Therapists. 
Bronwen Pennington.png
Bronwen Pennington
Educator & Visual Processing
Visual Dyslexia Therapist

Bronwen has been educating children for over 25 years in different educational settings. Joining the Gabrielle Centre for Children in 2015 as an Educator and a Visual Processing/Visual Dyslexia Therapist. Bronwen holds a Bachelor of Education Degree - Early Childhood as well as completing further training in Visual Processing/Visual Dyslexia with The Alison Lawson Centre.

The Alison Lawson Centre Program focuses on improving the visual system, the way the eyes work together and how well the eyes and brain work together. This therapy program provides a simple, safe medical treatment for visual processing/visual dyslexia and learning difficulties, invented by Alison Lawson, a university-trained Orthoptist with over 60 years experience in Australia & England.


Bronwen became involved with The Alison Lawson Program with her son who was having many issues with literacy at school. They undertook the program and saw great results for her son, which has changed his life and Bronwen became really interested in how and why the program works.


The idea of working with children and adults to also achieve these results was something Bronwen wanted to pursue, really enjoy working with children and adults whom she can assist with literacy difficulties while improving the way in which the eyes and brain work together.


Watching a person’s confidence in literacy grow is one of the great things about Bronwen's work.  


Being a part of the GCFC team is extremely rewarding and thoroughly enjoyable. The Gabrielle Centre for Children is made up of such a dedicated team of people who are an absolute pleasure to work with.

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